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The Sukh Mahal is a cream-coloured palace that was built by rao Raja Vishnu Singh (1773-1821) in supervision of his Diwan Sukhram in 1776, Hence it is named sukh mahal.

The main attraction of sukh mahal is a white marble chhatri . There is an amazing chhatri at the terrace of the second storey of the mahal. The chhatri is the prime attraction of sukh mahal. it is located on the banks of Jait Sagar, Sukh Mahal is also known as Sukh Sagar.

Also popular as Sukh Sagar and Palace of Bliss, it was host to Rudyard kipling who wrote “Kim” during his stay here in the 19th century. It is one of the most visited summer palace situated near Kota at Bundi. With the hill at the backstage, and being surrounded by luxuriant and thriving garden, Sukh Mahal is a treat to the tourists. It lies by the lake Jait Sagar which makes it appear as if its foundation is under the water. It is designed with some superb statues and typical Bundi art. One can find a touch of Mughal art in the paintings that adorn the walls of the palace.

Another interesting fact about this Mahal is that it is said to be connected with the old palace through a hidden underground tunnel made to ensure safe escape for the king and others in his kingdom in case of any attack.

Sukh Mahal, with its beautiful setting is a sought after site in Bundi as it offers peace and a sense of calmness to its visitors away from the hassles of daily city life. It is surely worth a visit. It is now turned into a museum and is open for the visitors to see around the palace.

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ENTRY FEES          COMPOSITE             SINGLE
  • INDIAN                       RS. 75/-                   RS. 50/
  • IND. STUDENT          RS. 5/-                     RS. 5/-
  • FOREIGNER               RS. 350/-                 RS. 200/-
  • FOR. STUDENT          RS. 30/-                  RS 20/-


Visiting Hours 

Opening hours of the sukh mahal is from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM in the summer and from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM in the winter.


Sukh Mahal, Bundi, Rajasthan           Approx  2.0 km far away from the Bus Stand Bundi and Taragarh Fort as same as.

Artical by   >  Abhijeet Dhabhai

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